It’s no news that a two piece set is gradually becoming a staple in every girl’s closet and if you’re yet to cop a pair, I hope this post convinces you to get one soon! 

Whether it’s a crop top paired with shorts or a kimono and a pair of pants, the two piece set is a must have, in my opinion. Number one reason is its versatility. You can easily switch the top or pants for another item in your closet and still look like a cover girl that you are. Also, matching sets are in trend and almost every fashion house is making one.

Three tips to consider when styling a two piece set

I have been lusting after a pair of coords for a long time now but my smart money woman lifestyle couldn’t let me be great 😊 Luckily, I went fabric shopping the other day and spotted this beautiful striped one, took it to my trusted tailor and voila! My dream of owning a pair was brought to reality. The only downside was that the fabric wasn’t enough for a full length kimono so I settled for a shorter length. The making cost me less than five thousand naira! (Ps: style on a budget)

In this post, I’m dishing out tips that you should have in mind when choosing or styling two piece sets. As usual, if you have more tips to add, the comment section is always open for you. In no particular order, there are as follows:

  • Before coping a set, you need to know exactly what look you’re going for. I opted for the jacket and a wide leg pant because I love both pieces independently and I could wear them separately. If you’re a crop top and skirt kind of girl, by all means, go for it! 
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  • Second tip is choosing the right fabric or pattern. I went with stripes because who doesn’t love stripes? When choosing a pattern, make sure it is one that suits your body type perfectly (read more about this here) When in doubt, go for an all white ensemble or pick a floral fabric. No one can go wrong with these! See inspiration(s) below 😊
Three tips to consider when styling a two piece set
                                                      IG: @prettyfaze
Three tips to consider when styling a two piece set
                                                    Source: Pinterest
  • Another tip is accessorizing. This single act is guaranteed to take your whole look from 50 to 100 real quick! Accessories like dainty necklaces and bags like the woven one pictured above are what you need to spice up your whole look. 

    Three tips to consider when styling a two piece set


    TWO PIECE SET: Tailor made.

    WHITE CAMISOLE: Thrifted.

    SHOES: Gift.

    JEWELLERIES: Random buys.


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    Three tips to consider when styling a two piece set

    Coords are in vogue right now alongside stripes! I hope you have been motivated to get a pair soon if you do not have already and also, this post helps you when it comes to styling. Remember you don’t have to spend so much to get a pair. Another tip is Ankara fabrics can be used in making two piece sets! However, if you do not want to go through all that stress, Nigerian brands like @shop_epiphany29 have really amazing pieces for as low as five thousand naira 😉 

    Thanks for reading this far and don’t forget to follow this blog and leave a comment before exiting, thank you! 

    Love always! x

    What’s your take on the two piece set? How would you style one for an event? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below, thank you! 

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    1. That floral two-piece set is beautiful!! I would totally wear that. I agree that accessories up your game. Anytime you wear such a statement piece like this, or a dress, changing up your accessories gives it a whole new look. Helps when rocking a repeat! Changing up hair and makeup helps too. Nude lip one time, bold lip color the next… Hair in a bun, hair down and curled..

      Love it! Great post. 🙂

    2. Hey Annie! I love that your two piece is tailor made. It’s gorgeous and suits you perfectly. And you just gave me an idea cause I’ve been seeing many beautiful two.pieces online …but the prints/cuts just didn’t seem like they’ll suit my figure. So now it just occured to me that I can get it tailored to be exactly how I want it. Lovely!

      1. Yayy! I’m glad you’ve learnt from this post. These days, I hardly buy clothes. Whenever I spot a dress I like, I just take it to my tailor and get it done for less than the actual price of the dress. I can’t wait to see you rock yours! ❤

    Please leave a comment, thank you!