Hello love <3 the weekend is almost over and I really hope the next week comes with enough goodies for all of us. Today’s post is one I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed drafting this post and please share your thoughts also. I’d really love to know what you think. Thank you!

For a better understanding, Insecurity is the feeling of uncertainty or anxiety about oneself. It could stem from anything- Your height, weight, personality, etc. However, Insecurities may not necessarily be from physical attributes. It is that constant reminder of how less of a person you are. Insecurities could lead to depression which may ultimately lead to self harm, putting it mildly.

Self love on the other hand is the ability to accept yourself just the way you are without any regard to any flaw. As simple as it sounds, It really isn’t that easy. Humans are insatiable and more often than not, we find ourselves comparing our lives to someone else’s. At this point, I should add that we should be careful what we wish for as we really do not know the battles one is going through beneath the surface. A healthy mental health is greatly affected by your self value. The view and ideas you have of yourself is what self love is all about.

Growing up, I had a lot of insecurities which I got taunted for. In retrospect, none of those things matter anymore because it’s either I outgrew them or I learned not to give two cents about them! No one really is perfect, not even “Aunty x” you look up to. Everyone has flaws that they try to conceal but some people do it better than others. For this post, I am dishing out tips that could help you deal with your insecurities and eventually, live a genuine life.

1. OWN IT!

The first step to dealing with your insecurities is admitting that you are indeed not perfect. It is okay if you don’t have your life sorted out at an early stage, as long as you are working on it. Owning these flaws creates a form of protective blanket for you and as such, when people try to poke at your insecurities, the percentage of that having an effect on you is less.Screenshot_2017-09-21-21-16-23_1


If your weight is the problem, hit the gym and eat healthy! Do not be afraid to take on new challenges. Another thing is learning how to speak positively about yourself. Your body size may not be in conformity with what is deemed “perfect” by the society but that does not make you any less of a person. Prove them wrong!Screenshot_2017-09-08-14-40-01_1


Negative vibes could come from anyone and anything- cut them loose! Surround yourself with people that will constantly uplift your spirit and make you focus on being the best you can be. You really do not need a lot of “friends” around youimages(7)


Your life alone is a blessing. With life comes various opportunities to rise again so seize every day and make it work. Find the thing that makes you happy and work on it until it does not feel like work. Build yourself up rather than tearing yourself down!


Feel like giving up? Talk to God! Unsure of what to do next? Talk to God! Talking to God gives a sense of peace and hope that everything will be alright. Learn to pray at least once in a day and trust Him for the impossibilities.images(2)

We all have self doubts. Sometimes, we engage in some forms of negative self-talk and self-criticism. None of these are necessarily a bad thing until they are the only thoughts you have or they are overwhelmingly louder than any positive thoughts.

Happiness is a choice. It’s not something you look for. There is nothing with a label called “happiness” on it. You have to create your own happiness by first of all, loving yourself unconditionally.

I hope this post helps you realize self love is what matters most in this crazy world. Thanks for reading. Bye love!


Have you ever had a problem with self love? How did you get through that point in your life? Please leave a comment below, thanks!


  1. This write up is EVERYTHING one needs to know and live by, as it served as a reminder and a hand full of knowledge on how to tackle these issues.

    Great write up Annie.

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