Happy new month fam! I pray all your heart desires be granted this month, Amen! 😉


Hello love! In today’s post, I’m sharing with you my easy everyday makeup look. There are days I would decide to be a little extra and wear a smokey eye makeup look out but for days when I cannot be bothered but still want to look presentable, this is my go-to look. It is pretty easy and can be done under 30 minutes. 



  • Naked 4 two-in-one eye brow kit
  • L.A girl concealer in warm honey to clean up brows


  • L.A girl concealer in warm honey set with black opal finishing powder in 03 as base
  • Morphe 35o eyeshadow palette
  • Kiss beauty eye liner
  • False eyelashes in style 690


  • Pond’s oil control cream as primer
  • Maybelline fit me foundation in shade 338 (read review HERE )
  • Zaron face definer in shade pz15 for contour
  • L.A pride finishing powder 
  • A.B.H glow kit- golden bronze and dripping in gold
  • Rose water as finishing spray


  • Davis eye pencil in no 18
  • Beyond beauty 24 hours lip gloss in no 26

The heat in Nigeria is unbearable and so, I only cream highlight (using the same L.A girl concealer and sacha buttercup setting powder) when I am going to an important event or when I want to be extra extra! 😉  I contour regardless because I have a really round face and contouring helps define my face so much more. 

Making sure your makeup lasts all day is another task on its own, I particularly hate when my makeup starts to “shift” few hours later. However, I’ll share with you some tips I have learnt that will help your makeup last for a greater part of the day 🙂

  • Starting out with a good base is really important! Make sure your skin is properly washed and moistured before anything else. Do not forget to exfoliate frequently as well. 
  • Use a good primer depending on your skin type. An oily skin needs a mattifying primer while a dry skin needs a hydrating primer. Primers help ensure your makeup lasts longer.
  • Avoid touching your face too much during the day. Your makeup will break down sooner than expected if you do so.
  • Avoid using tissue paper to touch up your makeup. It leaves tiny particles on the face, rather use a blotting paper.
  • Carry your makeup essentials (powder, concealer, eyebrow pencils, etc) with you incase of a beauty emergency! I learnt this the hard way fam (if you’re interested in my shameful story, comment below!) 

That’s all the sauce I have for today! 😉 As usual, I’d like to know your thoughts. Thanks for reading <3 Hugs and kisses x

Do you have an everyday makeup routine?? Do you also have tips to help your makeup last longer?? Please comment below, thanks!

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  1. Shame! Shame! Tell us the shameful story oo I’m all ears lol! I hate when you need to touch up but you left all your makeup at home. Chai. You look lovely, I love the highlight on the nose as well as the lip colour combo. The way I battle oil is just to blot for now, no other method I know of which works for me. Hoping to figure out something though if there’s any better alternatives!

    1. Lmao! I’ll slide into your dm for that story😂 thanks a lot dear. I know the struggle, using a good facial cleanser daily will help control the amount of oil your skin produces also.

  2. Please what do you mean when you say moisturize ? Is it to cream your face ? Doesn’t that make it oily from the beginning ? Please help ! 😟

    1. Sorry this reply is coming late! I just “un-spammed” it smh. I use my HTC phone to take my pictures but editing is what makes them better. Thanks for your sweet comment! ❤

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