New years represent a new beginning and so, let me officially welcome you to 2018! You’re probably rolling your eyes now and thinking “isn’t she late?” but hun, a Queen is never late! 😝 I’m finally back from my hiatus and I really did miss blogging (it’s just so therapeutic for me).

Just before 2017 ended, I decided to purchase my own domain! (This means I’m free from the captivity of 😊 ) I was going to make the transition since last year but I decided to stall for a while. You know, for the “new year new me” effect.


Loads of refreshing contents! From beauty to DIYs and the lots. I also intend to put out more style posts as I have finally gotten a good photographer to help me with this. In line with the new beginning, I’ve added an interesting corner to the blog and it’s THE GUEST ROOM (not the most creative name, but you will get the gist) Recently, I got a lot of complaints from my male readers seeing as they can’t relate to How to: reverse smokey eyeshadow look.

And so, I’ve decided to dedicate that section solely for contents in which my male readers can relate to as well. Contents will cut across topics like relationship with God, love, and the rest. I also intend to have guest writers as well. If you ever want to contribute or you have an experience which you feel others might learn from it, please CONTACT ME (TACs applied!)


2017 was my least eventful year yet. The highlight of the year was finally starting the blog I’ve always wanted and also, graduating from school (inserts happy dance here) However, I have set viable goals for this year and I really pray procrastination doesn’t ruin them for me. I hope to be consistent with blogging and learn so much more about it as I literally had no idea on what I was doing when I started blogging 😁 In addition, I aim at improving my social media presence this year and also my flatlay game.

As a young adult, the importance of having a solid relationship with your Maker cannot be overemphasized. My relationship with God was a bit rocky towards the end of last year. But I’ve learnt that even though things may not be going as we desire, His plan for us will never change (Jer. 29:11)

Also, I could be a terrible friend sometimes and I know 🙂 This year, I’m going to try as much as possible to reconnect with most of my good friends. Having good friends that can cheer you up when you’re down is a necessity in life and for some time, I’ve been sleeping on this.

Lastly, I’m working on bettering my craft/passion and hopefully by next year, my project would be revealed. You may notice some changes in the site as time progresses. Please bear with us as our only aim is to please you 😉


  • Breathe! You’re alive for a reason.
  • Do not spend so much time worrying about your problems. All your worries will pass away eventually.
  • Spend time with the ones you love. Life is short and there should be no room for regrets.
  • Never depend on anyone. Do things yourself.
  • Cut off all forms of negativity from your life. Good vibes only this year! 
  • Include God in everything you do ❤

    2018 is the year to be grateful for both the good and bad sides of life. I’m most grateful for the amazing bloggers I’ve known so far through the The Blogger’s Advocate Whatsapp group chat (there’s a link attached and you’re free to join the group if you aren’t a member already). Amaka for being such a sweetheart ❤, Gift Collins for always helping me when I need it, Michael with the good hair who taught me the importance of updating one’s app(s) once in a while, Sekkyy for being another sweetheart❤❤❤ The list is really endless but God bless each and every one of you! 

    If you haven’t subscribed to this site, please do so in order to get notified when awesome contents get published. Also, I would love to know your thoughts on the new site and so, please leave a comment below. You can always share the posts you love with your family and friends across various social media platforms (please utilize the share buttons below)

    Thank you for reading and let’s have an amazing 2018 together! Love always!! 

    How is the new year treating you so far? Any thoughts on the new site? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below, thank you! 

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    1. Aww I’m so glad I impacted you in some manner or the other! Congrats on the new beginning, the upgraded layout, the domain name and hosting. I wish you all the best for 2018 and beyond, and good luck with your project! Can’t wait to see what you have in stock for us!

    Please leave a comment, thank you!